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Time Travel Made Easy

Memories make us who we are.
When we remember our past,
we are reminded of our amazing lives.

Take a trip down Memory Lane


How it Works

Step 1: Acquire an Echo, Echo Dot, or other Alexa-enabled device
Step 2: Say “Alexa, Enable Memory Lane” to download. It’s FREE!!
Step 3: Say “Alexa, Open Memory Lane” to start your journey.

View or Download the Alexa Commands Guide with other Alexa skills and features. Have fun!

Audio is linked to memory

Think of the time you heard a song and it reminded you of high school or a certain person. At the same time, new and engaging experiences are shown to optimize brain function.

Our research aims to prove that voice computing and Memory Lane help improve memory, benefit mood, and help with daily tasks.

It started with our moms

We owe our parents everything. We want them to enjoy life, know how amazing they are, and have incredible experiences.

Being artists, scientists, and developers that stay on top of the latest and greatest technology, we knew we could make something special when voice computing came on the scene.

We created Memory Lane as a way for users to easily recollect their lives, improve their mood, and share stories with family and friends.

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Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane!